Terms & Conditions

Trading Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

1.1 The seller, we, us and our refers to entity who sells goods through this website.

1.2 The buyer, you and your refers to whoever is viewing and/or purchasing the goods.

1.3 The customer refers to the entity who has purchased the goods from the retailer and may receive delivery directly from us should we accept a dropship delivery proposal from you.

1.4 The goods refer to the product that can be purchased.

2. Statutory Rights

2.1 The following terms and conditions shall not override or supersede your statutory rights that applies in England - the applicable law where the seller is based.

2.2 All of these terms herein are severable so if the law changes or for any other reason these terms are not legally enforceable or valid it does not necessarily mean the other terms are not enforceable or valid.

3. Registration

3.1 Buyers intending to place order(s) for goods with us are required to register on this website and agree to the following terms and conditions and by continuing to use our website you are agreeing to do so.

3.2 The seller reserves the right to change or amend any aspect of these terms and conditions without prior notice.
3.3 There are various ways the buyer can order goods with us which includes by phone, email or on this website and they are all subject to these terms and conditions.

4. Terms of use

4.1 This website is prohibited and any contents, pages or articles copied from it without the copyright shall be challenged to the full extent of the law. Registered users are entitled to list our products pictures, articles and/or descriptions on the retailer’s website for the purpose of selling goods supplied by the seller only.

4.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing the seller requires payment in advance before the goods can be dispatched.

4.3 The seller shall not communicate with the customer under any circumstances, it is the buyer’s responsibility to correspond with their customer. Any contract between the buyer and the customer shall not be binding on us and we are under no contractual obligation to do so.

4.4 In order to resolve any issues the customer, the buyer or the seller may have we may on some occasions perform above and beyond our contractual obligations but this doesn’t constitute or confirm a new agreement, our obligations are subject to these terms and conditions only.

4.5 Once you have placed any order with us it does not constitute or confirm a contract of sale between the seller and buyer, it is merely an offering to purchase our goods. If the saleable goods are accepted for purchase and we have received the monies into our bank account (specified in section 4.2) we will then send you a notification email confirming your goods have been dispatched to the delivery address provided. Only then has a contract of sale been established between the seller and the buyer.

4.6 The goods shall remain the seller’s absolute sole property until they have been paid for.

4.7 All product and delivery prices provided by the seller are exclusive of VAT and shall be tallied up accordingly once an item has been purchased and dispatched. The seller will then send an invoice to the buyer which will include a summary of the goods/services purchased and the VAT payable.

4.8 If for any reason the seller cannot fulfil your order due to circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to cancel your order or offer an alternative.

5. Description of goods

5.1 Subject to availability all box dimensions and weights are sent to the buyer upon request and are approximate so should be used as a guideline only.

5.2 Our products are of the highest quality and our main goal is to ensure that any product purchased from us is described in each individual listing, article or publication as accurate as possible in order for your customer to receive the product they desire. However, due to the uploading process on some photos the colour may differ slightly from the product itself. Product measurements are approximate so should be used as a guideline only. Product descriptions are subject to change at any time and the seller reserves the right to change any product detail, measurement, specification and any other description in the listing without prior notice.

5.3 Our aim is to keep our prices as competitive as possible. However, there will be price increases from time to time which is mainly due to inflation and manufacturing costs.

5.4 The seller will provide product images, measurements and any other necessary information to the buyer for the purpose of selling our goods only. The retailer agrees not to copy, reproduce or use any other sensitive information other than for the purpose described above in any way shape or form without the sellers written consent.

6. Terms of sale

6.1 Payments are accepted by bank transfer or debit card. Please note debit cards may be subject to an additional fee.

6.2 Once we have received your order and your order has been accepted we will proceed to dispatch your goods to the provided address, this usually takes up to one business day.
6.3 The buyer may be required to input all orders on a comma separated value (CSV) file template provided by us. This should then be sent to us via email no later than 11:00 hours on a business day should you require your goods to be collected/dispatched the same day.

6.4 Delivery services and costs will be sent to the buyer upon request and you are advised to do so should you require us to dropship for you to avoid any unexpected costs. Delivery costs are at the discretion of the seller and are subject to change at any point without prior notice.

6.5 Should any payment have any form of discrepancy including suspicion of fraud we reserve the right to cancel your order or for any other reason the seller can’t supply your goods.

7. Delivery

7.1 Should you require a 40 FT or 40 FT high cube container to be delivered to your premises you must offload the vehicle within the specified time of 3 hours. Failing to do so will result in you being liable for an additional charge incurred by us from the courier or shipping company which usually varies between £70.00 to £100.00 per hour depending on the current rate provided by the courier or shipping company.

7.2 The seller shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential financial loss that the customer, buyer or any third party may incur due to failed or late deliveries.

7.3 If the buyer or customer is at fault for any additional charges incurred by the seller from the appointed courier this shall be at the buyer’s expense and will be added onto your subsequent invoice. This includes delivery re-routes, cancellations (after the goods have been dispatched), change of delivery addresses, failed deliveries/return to sender, courier unable to deliver due to size of product and/or box dimensions or any other charge passed onto us by the courier. Failing to cover such costs may result in your order being cancelled and account put on hold.

7.4 Goods that are damaged in transit including all the postage costs shall be at the buyer’s expense unless the item(s) damaged have been done so due to the Manufacturers negligence or such item(s) we can claim for on the courier’s insurance. Please note they do not insure glass.

7.5 If the goods are damaged, missing or faulty please try to notify us within 48 hours of the delivery time or attempted delivery had taken place. Failing to advise us of any discrepancy regarding your order within a reasonable time may result in your return or replacement claim being rejected.

7.6 Should you require your order to be delivered to a multi occupational building including a business or residential properties it is your responsibility to ensure you or the customer obtain the goods after they have been signed for by somebody at that address. We cannot be liable for any loss caused by non-receipt of goods if the goods have been delivered to the correct address and signed for.

7.7 If any orders haven’t been received post the successful delivery of the goods, the buyer agrees the customer must sign a form to confirm this provided by us or the relevant courier. We can then investigate and resolve the issue accordingly.

8. Returns Policy

8.1 The buyer has the duration of 14 days to return any unwanted goods to the seller from the date the goods were delivered. After 14 days from the delivery date we are under no obligation to accept the return of goods unless they are faulty.

8.2 Should you wish to return goods, you will need to complete a return form which is available upon request from the seller. Upon completion of the return form please send it via email to trade@borofurniture.co.uk or post to the seller’s company address before we can begin the return process. We will then notify you whether the goods are eligible to be returned or not which usually takes up to 2 business days depending on the complexity of the return claim.

8.3 To help with any investigation of the goods in question the buyer agrees to send a proof of purchase ID, photographic evidence, descriptions and any other information the seller may require to help with any investigation regarding the return claim.

8.4 If your goods are accepted for return and received by us in a resalable condition you will then be charged a restocking fee of 20% of the original product price which will be deducted from your refund or amended accordingly on your forthcoming invoice depending on your payment terms. In the event you wish to exchange the returned goods for a different product you will be charged accordingly.

8.5 Orders that are faulty can be returned for a replacement, exchange or full refund. The seller will cover the return postage costs on the condition the goods are returned using our appointed courier service. The seller shall not be liable for any additional postage costs if the buyer or customer uses a third party courier service. If the returned goods are not faulty the seller shall not cover any postage under any circumstances.

8.6 The buyer must ensure any accepted returns are in their full and original packaging and are subject to the following -

8.6.1 If the packaging is excessively damaged or missing but the goods are intact we will charge you the cost for new packaging.

8.6.2 If the packaging is damaged or intact but the goods are damaged due to the buyer’s or customer’s negligence we reserve the right to reject the return claim. The goods will then be either disposed of or sent to the confirmed delivery address at the buyer’s discretion, additional postage costs will apply.

8.6.3 In the event the goods are returned to us damaged and it can be proven to be our courier at fault we will attempt to process a claim through the courier’s insurance for damaged goods. If successful we will offer the buyer a refund for the goods that will reflect the amount given by the courier. If the claim for damaged goods is unsuccessful we reserve the right to reject the return claim or offer a reasonable amount of money for the damaged goods depending on the goods overall condition.

8.7 Our Rattan Furniture range has different characteristics and weaves and it is at the seller’s sole and absolute discretion whether the product in question is faulty or not.

9. Warranty

9.1 Our Warranty covers structural components such as frames and support brackets. We not cover for fair wear and tear, cushions, glass or the goods becoming defective due to the buyer’s misuse unless it is due to the Manufacturer’s negligence.

9.2 If applicable Warranty durations are specified on the website page where the product is listed, generally our goods are covered for up to 1 year from the date of receipt.

9.3 All goods sold by the seller are for domestic use only, any such goods used for commercial purposes shall not be covered by the Manufacturer’s warranties to full extent of the law.

10. Limitations of Liability

10.1 The seller will not be responsible for any financial loss caused by the seller to the buyer or any third parties, this includes any direct, indirect or consequential loss and any other detriment suffered by you or the customer. Our liability is for the price of the goods only.
11. International Sales

11.1 We welcome any international sales enquiries. Please call for a free quotation from a member of our team. Additional terms will apply.

11.2 For any overseas destinations where there maybe any surcharges levied such as import/export tax, local VAT or any other fee payable this will be the buyer’s sole liability.